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Information to delegations and guests

Here you can find relevant information about the Championship: accommodation, catering at the venue, transportation, fees, accreditation, payment and bank details, and other useful and important information.

Click on the links below to download the documents.
Please be aware of the deadlines as defined in "The event" in the menu above!

Letter of Invitation & Bulletin #1
ANNEX 1. Preliminary Entry Form
ANNEX 2. Preliminary Hotel Form
ANNEX 3. Final Hotel Reservation Form
ANNEX 4. Final Hotel Rooming List
ANNEX 5. Final Travel Form
ANNEX 6.1. Final Entry Senior R-P-RT
ANNEX 6.2. Final Entry Junior R-P-RT
ANNEX 6.3. Final Entry Official
ANNEX 7. Visa Support Form
ANNEX 8. Firearm and Ammunition Form
ANNEX 9. Media Accreditation Form