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120 Volunteers behind the ECH2013



A big event like the ECH2013 needs a lot of man power to get things rollig for the athlethes. Volunteermanager Kim P. Bording has said that around 120 volunteers has been working since sunday to make it all run smoothly.

"All of the volunteers have been a very big help in making this event a great and memorable European Championship" Kim P. Bording says.

"Saerslev Skytteforening has been working very hard and professionally with making all of the shooting ranges."


Michael Barnes another volunteer has been her since sunday and have been working at the info-desk says it has been a great experience but hard work. He has been a pistol shooter for 25 years and thinks it is great to meet some of his idols and shaking hands with the top athletes from all of Europe.


Speaker Jonas Hansen thinks it has been a really awesome experience, to put it in his own words. But it has been an challenging experience. A lot of preparation and research has to be done before the finals. But no one knows how the finals will go. This leaves a lot of improvising to be done. When we asked what he thinks of his own job he simply answered " I have had the coolest job at this event"