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Welcome to Odense - welcome to Denmark!

The Danish Shooting Union and partners, Odense Municipality, Developing Fyn, Sport Event Denmark, ESC and SIUS, welcome you to the 2013 European Championship 10m in Odense, Denmark.

Spice up your championship
Odense is Denmark’s third largest city and the wonderful capital of the island Funen. Here you will be able to spice up your Championship experience with the beautiful unspoiled nature, the taste of delicious local food and the many cultural attractions of Funen.

Bring family and friends
There are plenty of good reasons to bring family and friends to Odense. They can offer great support as spectators but they will also be able to take unique experiences home. Funen is characterised by very short distances and great infrastructure, so you can easily enjoy different parts of the island. On Funen, you are always close to the sea and the beautiful coastline.
We look forward to welcoming you in beautiful Odense in 2013!