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Welcome to the 2013 European Championship 10m in Odense, Denmark!


The Danish Shooting Union and the Organising Committee are pleased to invite all ESC member federations to take part in the 2013 European Championship 10m in Odense, Denmark. The Championship will take place from the 25th of February to the 3rd of March.
Along with our strong partners, Odense Municipality, Developing Fyn, Sport Event Denmark, ESC and SIUS, we warmly welcome you to our Championship. Our experienced event team is looking forward to treating you to a spectacular shooting sports event.


We welcome you in beautiful Odense in 2013 and look forward to sharing unique experiences with you!


John Hansen

Danish Shooting Union


02.03.13: Closing ceremony

02.03.13: 120 Volunteers behind the ECH2013

01.03.13: 10m Air Pistol Women

01.03.13: 10m Air Rifle Men

28.02.13: Results from 28 February finals

28.02.13: Exhibitors at the ECH2013

28.02.13: Results from 27 February finals

26.02.13: An eye opening ceremony

26.02.13: ECH2013 Day 1 Summary

07.02.13: Revised Final Programme
05.02.13: Final Programme is out!
01.02.13: Final Entry deadline has passed
22.01.13: TV coverage from the 2013 ECH 10m
18.01.13: Final Entry closes in one week
17.12.12: Revised preliminary programme is out
14.12.12: Deadline for paying deposit is Dec. 15th
10.12.12: Ticket sale starts today
06.11.12: Jury members named
05.11.12: Almost all hotels in Odense are now full!
05.11.12: A Worldwide First at the 2013 ECH 10m!
17.10.12: 688 athletes are coming to Odense
25.09.12: Hotel bookings
29.08.12: Deadline for preliminary entries
07.08.12: Preliminary entries are ticking in!
26.07.12: Invitation and forms have been sent out
13.02.12: Facebook fan page is online
02.11.11: The official Championship logo is launched
01.07.11: Report on the preparations of the ECH 2013



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